Breathwork Journey (Video)

Try breathwork for yourself in this guided 15-minute introductory class. Just lay down and breathe! (Watch the Explanation Video first.)

Video Transcript

Morris (00:25):
Beginning now with our first Conscious Connected Breath, in and out through the mouth, relaxing the lower jaw and inviting the air in and out through the mouth, breathing deep down into our belly and pulling the air all the way into the upper chest. So we let the breath move through us opening up and expanding one breath at a time, and then let it go. And let’s start off now. Big breath into the belly. Here we go. Big breath in, pulling it to the upper chest and then everything comes back out. So following my pace now, flowing with the breath, filling with every inhale, then relaxing with every exhale. Inviting the prana to fill us and carry us here today knowing that we’re safe with our breath. Beautiful Conscious Connected Breaths. Stretching the breath all the way from our pelvis, way up into our chest. Beautiful, deep, connected breaths. Wonderful job staying with it. Beautiful. Can we call on ourselves to expand today? Can we commit to having an experience, to growing a relationship with our bodies and inviting the sensations to fill us? Beautiful breaths. No pausing at the top. No pausing at the bottom.

Deep in breath, connecting to spirit with every cycle of the breath. Doing great, growing with every inhale, relaxing with every exhale. Climbing the mountain, bringing life, vitality, and prana in. With every breath, sinking deeper down into the mat. With every exhale, waking up to who we are, owning ourselves and our experience with every breath. That’s beautiful. Staying open, free, and full. With every cycle of the breath, remembering the sensations of a body are completely normal, completely natural. Moving with the breath. Now can we say yes in this moment? Can we allow ourselves to surrender to the wisdom of the breath? Tapping into the innate wisdom of our own body, deep, full, soft, and staying with it. I am safe in my body, safe to explore, safe to expand. There is nothing standing between me and my highest self. Bring in love and light with every big inhale. Relaxing and letting go with every exhale, staying with it. One more minute to charge. Filling up, taking it all in. I will embrace my power. I will feel my own energy. That’s it. Staying with it. Deep in breath. Now saying yes here and now to the sensations within. Letting everything move and meeting anything that’s there with the breath.

Letting the breath guide us into and through the experience. Staying with that big breath. And now slowing the breath, still in and out through the mouth. Staying connected. Deep fluid, soft breaths. Letting it all go and letting it all flow. Softening, still breathing deep from the pelvis. Long, deep, soft breaths. Now staying with it, feeling the breath as it moves through us. Still filling and expanding with every inhale, but letting everything drop away and soften with the exhale. Can we let every bit of tension within us just drop to the back body. Slowing and softening, letting anything that’s present come to the surface, holding nothing, releasing every bit of struggle within us. Just release and fade away, soft like water. Gentle, just releasing and letting go. Staying with that soft, circular, connected breath and bringing the breath to meet anything that’s there. Expanding into the sensations and the emotions. Growing our energy. Feeling every bit of ourselves in the here and now. Can we imagine ourselves sinking down into mother Earth, releasing and softening, knowing we’re held here in this beautiful space and we’re free to let go. Gentle, now. Gentle and at ease.

Knowing we’re safe here, breathing with whatever’s present, soft, deep, gentle breaths, meeting every bit of ourselves with our breath and letting it move. Now, returning our breath in and out through our nose. Long, soft, gentle inhales and exhales, letting our body come fully back into the space. Staying with these soft breaths, releasing and relaxing every bit of our body. Gentle and at ease. Now perhaps bringing our hands to our heart and bringing something loving, kind, or positive to mind. What is it that needs to be honored within us right now? What is the most important question I could ask myself today? If there’s something to release, can I let it go? If there’s something to say yes to, can I say yes? Staying soft, releasing, softening like water. Moving like water now. And perhaps now honoring our bodies, stretching our arms overhead. Just doing whatever feels right for us. Perhaps we’d like to roll onto our side. Perhaps something needs to be stretched, whatever it may be. And then when we feel complete, we can come up to a seated position.

Olivia (17:06):
That crazy. Oh my. God, I, that was so weird. My whole body was like buzzing. It was so crazy.

Morris (17:15):
Wild. I love it. Everybody’s learning. I love, love breathing newbies.

Olivia (17:21):
That was a crazy feeling.

Morris (17:24)
A beautiful, beautiful breath pattern you had going there. Wonderful, big fluid, inhales, soft, gentle exhales. A great transition there towards the end, really opened and expanded, relaxed, and let go. You guys at home, I hope this session works for you. I hope that you embrace it. I hope you get something out of it. Just know that breathwork is a process of expansion. It lightens our hearts, it makes us better people. And it’s really beautiful to have this opportunity to share it with you guys today. So for Morris and Olivia, we thank you guys so much and have beautiful evening. See you.

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