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Video Transcript

Morris (00:25):
Hey, my friends. How’s it going? Morris, here with Olivia. We’re here to share breathwork with you. So the question is, why do breath work? Breathwork is a deep breathing modality done for an extended period of time that gets you out of your head and into your body. What does this mean? Basically, we use the breath to calm the default mode network of our brains, so we can experience anything and everything that’s going on in our bodies. As we breathe, we push out more carbon dioxide which brings on strange sensations in our bodies. We can get hot, cold, tingly and even begin to cramp, which is completely natural. At its core breathwork is an energetic practice of clearing.

Breathwork is also a practice of self-discovery. As we breathe, we grow our awareness. We get to know ourselves better. We learn what’s going on in our internal world. So breathwork is really a process of self-discovery. It’s an opportunity to grow our personal awareness and change our relationship with anything and everything that has ever held us back. We all have stress, trauma and tension that’s been embedded in us over the years – and these sensations, these emotions, they’re all stored within our bodies. The most important thing is to understand is that we use our breath to access our body. Once we access our body, we can then release our negativity and stored tension that’s been holding us back. So many people go to talk therapy and talk about their problems. That’s helpful. It moves a little energy and it helps grow your awareness…

But breathwork is a process of energetic purging. We take the breath into the body so that we can open to our personal world, so we can leave the past behind and embrace a new future. And that’s what breathwork’s about. It’s for anybody who wants to love more, stress less, expand their intuition, feel empowered, grow their vital energy and become their best self. I can tell you from personal experience that when I found breath work, I didn’t know myself at all and I had spent my entire life repressing my emotions. It’s through the breath that I came to learn about the events of my life and came to terms with not only who I am, but who I want to be.

So breathwork is something that I’m really passionate about sharing with you and I’m going to invite you along on this journey with Olivia’s help, because she’s new at this as well. So we’re gonna do this together. I’m just going to explain the breath, the process, what a class looks like, and then you guys can come along on a little journey with Olivia. My normal classes are about an hour long. We’re going do a 15-minute journey for you today. So it’s going be about seven minutes of deep breathing with with seven minutes of relaxed breathing on the back end. This will be stimulating to our nervous system. We’ll be clearing our minds, building energy, feeling vital energy within us. You might get hot or cold. You may even begin to shiver.

We’re really stressing our sympathetic nervous system. Then at the top, the music is going to shift, and we’re going come down into a nice, calm, parasympathetic state. I want you to breathe throughout the entire journey. You’ll grow your breath and let it become a bit faster and deeper as you go up. Then you’ll soften your breath coming down on the backside. This is what we call a breath work journey. A lot of things can unfold. A lot of things can happen. Just stay with your breath and open to the process. The breath is intelligent. It will take you where you need to go and show you what needs to be seen. Trust me, and trust in your breath. Know that you’re safe here. All the sensations of your body are completely normal.

Just know that there’s two aspects to the journey. The first aspect is charging your body on the way up. So if you don’t breathe, nothing happens…. So you’ve gotta breathe. Bring in big, beautiful, conscious connected breaths on the way up. Then you’ll breathe much softer on the way down. Hopefully you’ll make it to what I call the golden zone, into a theta brain wave state. In the Golden Zone you’ll become open to profound experiences and where things can shift and change. This is where magic can occur. So as you breathe and you cultivate this energy things will begin to open up, becoming lighter and more ethereal. You’ll be out of your head and in your body, experiencing life in a different way. It’s a really beautiful state.

There’s one primary rule of breathwork. If anything comes up, we breathe with it and let it move. This is how we work through our stuff, okay? So as an emotion comes up, whether it’s ecstasy, joy, fear, pain, sorrow, whatever it is, we breathe with it to grow a relationship with it. You must breathe with it! As we breathe with it, we either amplify the joy, ecstasy, bliss and let it overflow within us… Or, if it’s on the more challenging end of this spectrum, we breathe with it to integrate it and get to know it, so we can let it go. As we do this… the events of our past, traumas, stresses, sorrow, all lose their power over us. Breathwork is an opportunity to reframe the events of our lives and see ourselves and others through a more loving lens. It’s something that you have to try for yourself. So we’re going to learn a little bit about that today. We’re going on a short journey, and then of course, in the future, I invite you to come on much bigger and longer journeys with me. So the breath is a Conscious-Connected Breath through our mouths. This helps amplify the experience. (Demo Breath)

Olivia, come along for the ride.

Good job. Notice how soft Olivia’s exhale was. That was beautiful. It was perfect. So you want to be taking these big beautiful inhales and then have a soft, gentle exhale, okay? There is no pause at the top and there’s no pause at the bottom. It’s a connected breath. So it’s a circular breath pattern, okay? And so we’re going to start off slow. We’re going to gain momentum as the music increases in tempo. Then you’ll start building your breath. You’ll come up, up, up… until the music shifts and you’ll start to coming down. Remember, keep breathing all the way down. Keep inviting the breath. It may become slower, longer and more shallow towards the end, but keep breathing.

Move with the breath. Feel the breath, enjoy the experience. It’s like a beautiful dance. So that’s pretty much all you need to know. Also, just remember any of the sensations that you grow in your body are completely normal, completely natural. You’re safe here. If at any time it becomes a bit much for you, just return your breath in and out through the nose. You’ll simply come down out of this elevated state, right back to normal. You are in control of your own experience today. If you breathe really big and really full breaths you’ll build more energy and have a bigger experience. But it’s not really about that. It’s about enjoying the experience, getting used to your own vital energy source, before opening and relaxing on the back end. So, we’re going to charge the body and crest at the top, before surrendering and opening to conclude. Brerathwork is a process of allowance. If any emotions want to come, if anything needs to be felt, feel it fully and let it go.

The number one rule of breathwork…. whatever comes, we breathe with it. We want to normalize these feelings and sensations. The point of a breathwork journey is not to bump into all of our stress, anxiety and problems. The whole point is to breathe with it and beyond it. That’s why we call this Transformational Breathing. We want to go beyond our problems and reframe them. The final point I want to make is that it’s one thing to manage your anxiety. It’s another thing to resolve it. These are two different things. I teach a lot of Conscious Breathing skills. They’re wonderful ways to manage our anxiety, which we all need. They help get through daily life. But if we want to overcome our stress, our trauma, our anxiety, our sorrow, or any bit of negativity, then we need to use this bigger, more beautiful, more powerful breath to get into our bodies, experience our emotions and then let them go. So that’s what we’re here to learn today. So thank you so much for your time. We’re going to transition and set up so that you guys have an opportunity to try this for yourself in a 15-minute practice. Remember, all of the effort is on the inhale, followed by a soft exhale.

Thank you so much. Now come along for the ride.

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