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Put simply, my stiff body led me to yoga, my scattered mind led me to meditation and my disconnected spirit led me to breathwork – uplifting me and ultimately inspiring me to share these powerful mechanisms of change with others. My path isn’t so much a dream as it is an eventuality. For once you experience peace, you can’t help but wish it for others.

Morris WeintraubMy story is no different than anyone else’s. It’s filled with ecstasy, pain, triumph, sorrow, fear and a ton of fun. It’s been a beautiful ride and while I know that more trials lay ahead, these practices have gifted me the opportunity to navigate life’s challenges consciously, remain grounded in the face of adversity and face my faults honestly, knowing that I’m a better person for trying rather than hiding from everything that’s ever held me back.

Vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga and breathwork certified, I share my knowledge of the breath, meditation and my personal movement practice with others – believing true health is impossible to achieve through physical pursuits alone. For me, optimal health begins when our mind, body & emotions work synergistically to propel us toward a natural state of positivity.

My wish is to offer you the opportunity to experience yourself in a new light, through the healing lens of breathwork, yoga and meditation.

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