Left Nostril Breathing (Video)

An ancient yogic breath to grow our feminine energy and become more calm, intuitive and creative. So simple and yet so powerful!

Video Transcript

Morris (00:20):
Hey, My friends Morris and Olivia back again. Just wanna show you guys one more tool to really calm down at any time. This is about as simple as it gets. I mean, really, it doesn’t get any more simple than this. So just know this. Anytime we’re breathing from the right side, we’re amplifying our energy. That’s the masculine side. So we’re raising vitality and we’re really amping the nervous system up. Anytime we are breathing on the left side, we’re accentuating the feminine energy and calming down. So in this exercise today, all we’re going to do is simply plug our right nostril and breathe on the left side. So I’m going to take my left hand and put it under my right armpit to help brace my arm. It just makes it easier to hold my hand up for the exercise so you can do it for longer without struggling. Now gently close the right nostril, pressing down on the flap of the nose.

Eyes closed, our gaze comes up to the third eye. Beautiful. And now we’re just going to begin breathing on the left side to a rate of four seconds in and four seconds out. Staying with this beautiful, balanced pattern. Okay, we want to bring a balanced breath on the left side. Not only is it the feminine energy that’s calming, but it’s also said to increase our intuition and this really helps us feel the subtle energy in our bodies as we begin to slow down. So once we have that four in, four out down, I’m going to invite you to grow that to five in, five out, and then stretch it for as long as is comfortable honoring your own body. That’s what’s important here. We don’t want to slow down so much that we stress the nervous system. We only want to slow down as much as we can to drop into a calm, easy, gentle, parasympathetic state. So staying with this and feeling the coolness of the air as it enters, feeling the softness and the warmth of the air as it exits. Staying with this big, beautiful, diaphragmatic breath, initiating the breath in the belly, pulling it into the upper chest, and breathing just on the left side, knowing that we can use this breath at anytime to calm down. And it’s especially great right before bed. Okay, staying with it.

Couple more of these big, beautiful, steady breaths. In and out through the left nostril. Final breath. Really stretching, filling and lengthening. Gentle exhale, hand comes down back to our lap, just resting gently, returning the breath in and out through the nose. Wonderful. As easy as it gets Left Nostril Breathing. How do you feel? Ready for bed? Perfect. Thank you so much my friends. See you next time.

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