Kunyasa is a Breath-Based Movement Practice to Awaken Your Inner Power!

woman on beach practicing kunyasa breath-based movement

This is my personal breath and movement practice that I’ve developed after training with breath, movement and meditation for the last two-decades. It’s my favorite way to bring breath into my life, energize, open my body and set a positive mental state for my day. Pairing flowing movements with dynamic breath patterns Kunyasa delivers a profound level of freedom. Designed to increase flexibility, decrease stress and build respiratory fitness Kunyasa is unlike anything you’ve ever tried. In contrast to traditional yoga, Kunyasa uses serpentine movements, energetic locks and deep breathing to clear negativity – elevate, strengthen and ultimately balance the nervous system. The movements are repeated for longer durations which allows you to flow at your own pace. Whether you’re looking to loosen up, detoxify, soothe your aching back or clear your cluttered mind, this is the practice for you. Kunyasa is a unique blend of kundalini, vinyasa yoga and original movements that’s accessible to everyone. No experience is necessary, just a beginners mind and a willingness to breathe!

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