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Video Transcript

Morris (00:26):
Hey, my friends. Morris here with Olivia. We’re here to teach you guys how to bring activating breaths into your daily life, to expand and ultimately relax, to transcend stress, negativity, anxiety, all of it. What most people don’t understand is that it really pays to activate the nervous system if you ultimately want to get into a deep parasympathetic state of calm. It’s like climbing a mountain. If you take a nap in your everyday life, you get some sense of relief. But let’s say you climb a big mountain, when you take that nap, you fall into a much deeper state of rest. So that’s what we want to do with the breath. We want to activate, climb, get higher, amplify the energy so that we have more room to come in down on the backside, blowing off steam in the process.

How does that sound? I call this Expansion Breathing because we’re taking big diaphragmatic breaths through our mouth to get into the sympathetic system and grow our vital energy. As we do this, we may feel all sorts of strange sensations in our bodies. You’ll feel tingling in your fingertips. You may feel tingling in your face, or you may feel even a little lightheaded. So you want to do this sitting down. You may get hot, you may get cold. As long as you’re in good health, this is totally safe for you. Just know this. If you’re feeling something, that means you’re doing it right. So we’re going to start off by learning just six of these breaths. And you can do this at any time. This’ll take anywhere between 20 and 30 seconds to do. I’m going to demonstrate it for you now, what this breath looks like, and it’s simply like this. Notice it’s a big inhale through purse lips, filling up to maximum capacity, pulling the breath from the belly all the way into the upper chest, and then it’s a soft “Ha” of an exhale. If it sounds heavy here on a microphone, just know it’s a really gentle exhale. I’ll do it one more time.

It just snaps. The breath falls out of us at the speed of gravity. So we’re going do six of these, and then we’re going to sit and feel our bodies. This is how we learn to do this exercise. Okay, on me closing the eyes, sitting up nice and tall, opening through the chest, relaxing the body. Big inhale through the nose, filling up. Gentle exhale through the nose, letting it all out. One more of those clearing breath, big inhale through the nose, gentle exhale through the nose, and we will begin. Ready? Go… taking six deep breaths, then letting everything settle and come to rest, feeling your body. Perhaps you feel a little lightheaded, a little tingly. This is from pushing out more carbon dioxide than we’re used to. Gently opening our eyes. How’d that feel?

Olivia (04:08):
Really good.

Morris (04:09):
Mm-Hmm. All right. So know this. When we do six of these we’re going to move a little bit of energy. When you do 10, 15, 20, up to 40 of these, you move more energy. We bring our bodies back into balance is by holding our breath. So after each round we’re going to exhale all of our air out and hold our breath out with our eyes closed, feeling our bodies. And as we do this, our carbon dioxide levels are going to rise, and our bodies are going to come back into balance. On the final round of breathing, you’re going to exhale and rather than just holding your breath at the bottom, you’re going to pump your belly in and out for as long as is comfortable before breathing back in through your nose.

So this is an amazing way to stretch and tone the vagus nerve, which is responsible for our ability to trust, love, bond, feel intimacy, and perform intimately. So it’s pretty darn important! And beyond that, 80% of the signals sent through the vagus nerve go from our bellies up to our brains. So it’s a quick, easy and effective way to rewire our brains and get into a parasympathetic state. So it’s great for emotional health and mental wellness. So I’m going to demonstrate this now. You may have never done this before. So just do your best to follow along the best you can. It’s gonna be a lot of breathing. You can pause the video at any time and come back to it. Grow your practice over time and honor your own body. Remember, be seated for this one. All right. So 10 exhale, hold your breath, come back. Then we’re gonna do 15. Exhale, hold your breath on the last one, 20 breaths. Exhale, belly pumps. And then we will complete the process by inhaling back through the nose. So on me. Ready?

Morris (07:02):
I trust you got this. All right. Just follow along. Do the best you can. Okay. Closing the eyes. Sitting up nice and tall, opening through the chest, relaxing the hips and the belly, taking a big clearing breath. Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the nose. One more just like that. Big inhale through the nose. Exhale through the nose. And then on me. Let’s go. 10 Breaths. Big inhale. Exhale all your air out. Hold the breath out. Suspend the breath. Hold, hold, hold. Inhale through the nose. Gentle exhale, feeling the sensations of our body falling into ourselves. Five more seconds to let go. And preparing for round two 15 breaths on me. Ready? Begin. Five more. Last one. Exhale, hold the breath out, suspend the breath, gaze is to the third eye, letting everything come to a rest. Inhale back through the nose. Exhale through the nose. Sit feeling the sensations of the body. How soft can we become? Can we relax every bit of ourselves? Okay. Preparing for the third and final round, 20 breaths. Remember on the last exhale, we’re going to exhale all our air out and begin rhythmically pumping our bellies in and out for as long as is comfortable. Let’s all try to do 10 of those pumps together. Okay. So inhale through the nose. Exhale.

It’s 20 deep breaths. Let’s begin halfway there. Last one. Exhale all your air out. Begin pumping your belly… nearing completion. One more. Relax the belly. Big inhale through the nose. Hold the breath at the top. Hold, hold, hold. Float here. Your breath is suspended. And now relax the exhale through the nose, gently releasing, feeling the sensations of your body gaze is to the third eye. If there were a word to describe the quality of your being right now, what would it be? Noticing how we feel in this moment. This one moment in time. Big inhale through the nose, filling up. Gentle exhale through the nose, releasing, opening our eyes and coming back into the space. How’d we do? How’d it feel? Definitely

Olivia (12:59):
Feel tingly.

Morris (13:00):
Tingly. Yes. It was tough, but It felt really good at the end.

Morris (13:05):
Perfect. . Okay, so we moved energy here. We offset our carbon dioxide levels. We actually made our blood more alkaline. All of these things have profound physiological, mental, and emotional consequences. This is the way we balance our bodies over time. So not only can we learn to calm our nervous system, but we can also learn to work with the nervous system, activating it before coming down into a calm, balanced state. Thank you so much for your time. Love you. Appreciate you. Be well.

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